Violet Hopefield is Nicholas's and John's friend in the Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. Like her mother, Violet is deaf. Violet is a very talented artist. She makes quick friend with Nicholas and John when Nicholas shows that he knows sign language. Violet graduated one year early out of grade school with an eighth-grade diploma.

Early YearsEdit

   Violet was a very talented artist, and her family wanted to send her to an art school. They didn't have enough money, though. One day, a drilling company came to excavate their land. The Hopefields were delighted when they learned that they would get money no matter what after a five year contract was over. Then, one day there was a landslide, and the drill was buried. The drilling company couldn't do anything without the drill. Until the five-year contract was done, the Hopefields couldn't get their money. The Hopefields tried to save up money, but they knew no matter how hard they tried they wouldn't have enough. Nicholas ended up getting the drill out of the tunnel the day before the contract expired, and Violet went to art school.

   Violet once had a brother whom she was very close with. The brother died in a war, and her whole family was deeply saddened. 

Relationships Edit

Nicholas Benedict Edit

Nicholas became a very close friend to Violet while He, Violet, and John were searching for Mrs. Rothchild's missing inheritance. When Violet told him she wouldn't go to art school so her family could adopt him, he refused, (though he deeply wanted not to,) and told her she could go to art school while he lived in the orphanage.

John Edit

John, too, became a good friend of Violet's while searching for the treasure, and The Hopefields later adopted him.    

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