The Whisperer

The Whisperer is a malevolent device invented by Mr. Ledroptha Curtain to control the world. It is capable of hiding memories using a process known as brainsweeping and can read peoples' minds. The Whisperer consists of a chair with two helmets on either side, one blue and one red, and a bank of computers. It was originally housed in the Institute but was later moved into Mr. Benedict's house and was eventually destroyed.


Little is known about the composition and function of The Whisperer, but the components and functions of the machine have been recognized.

  • Executive Brain Amplifier - The back helmet of The Whisperer which converts electrical impusles along with conscious thoughts formed in the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex of Mr. Curtain's brain
  • Lobotomal coil - A wire connecting the two helmets of The Whisperer that transmit the impulses of Mr. Curtain's brain to the Messengers
  • Mental Collection Basin - The front helmet of The whisperer, which collects messages to be transmitted to the public, powered by the energy of the tidal turbines
  • Transference Helix - A wire connecting both helmets of the Whisperer that sends the thoughts of Mr. Curtain's brain to that of the Messanger
  • Restraining Cuffs - Used to monitor the pulse and vital signs of the Messanger, while increasing Mr. Curtain's sense of control over the Messanger

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