The HMS Shortcut is a speedy cargo ship that can cross the atlantic in 2 days. The Shortcut is captained by Phil Noland and it's third officer is Joe Shooter. This ship can reach up to 60 knots in open waters and is powered by a water propulsion system, eliminating the need for a heavy rudder. The Shortcut makes its appearance in The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, when it takes Kate, Reynie, Constance and Sticky to Lisbon. This ships features are: it's security vault that crew can lock from the inside, cargo containers on the outside with wheels for ease of loading and unloading. On page 94 of the Perilous Journey it says: 'Nor was it's size an illusion, for the ship was longer than two football fields and taller that Stonetown City Hall. "She's a beauty, isn't she? Cannonball said, gazing up admiringly. "First of her kind, fastest cargo ship in the world! By far! Special hull design!...'

(Not my best drawing) HMS Shortcut

IMG 3173