Ten Men, formerly called Recruiters, are one of the most feared minions of Mr Curtain. They are protrayed as handsome business men. And at first they may seem nice; however, they are very powerful and are known to have defeated many guards and secret agents; even Milligan Wetherall was hard-pressed to defeat one.


Ten Men were formerly called Recruiters because they are sent by Mr. Curtain to capture orphans and runaways and "recruit" them to the Institute. They first appear when two enter the Benedict house to capture the Society, but are thwarted by Milligan and "dumped someplace far off".

They escape with Mr. Curtain at the end of the first book and are renamed Ten Men, after they develop ten ways to hurt others disguised as common household items, and dress up as businessmen as disguises. In the second book, they capture all four members of the Society and threaten them repeatedly with their weapons, but are fooled by Kate Wetherall when she regurgitates the key. It is here we are introduced to McCracken, the leader of the Ten Men. McCracken later defeats Milligan after a long battle, but only with two other Ten Men with him. When Mr. Curtain flees the island all the Ten Men flee with him, except for the ones Milligan had already eliminated.

In the third book they again capture the Society members and take them to Third Island Prison. In the ensuing battle, at least seven Ten Men were defeated, and at least one was sent to prison.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Ten Men have a rather sadistic sense of humor, often making jokes casually when they are about to hurt someone. They also like referring to children in childish barn animal names, like "ducky" or "kitty". They are described as "handsome-looking" in the first book. Due to their extensive armory of weapons, they are hard to defeat. A smell of expensive cologne follows them everywhere. They follow Mr. Curtain solely for monetary purposes.

A full list of their weapons is as follows:

  • Shockwatches (watches that electrocute people and leaves them unconscious and dazed for a while)
  • Neckties which can be used like whips
  • Handkerchiefs which have a chemical that knocks people unconscious
  • Razor-sharp pencils
  • Clipboard boomerangs
  • Poisonous Chewing Gum
  • Paper Clip Chains (which is extremely durable and used as handcuffs)
  • Cigar Box, named Pandora's Box(which is a box full of springs that produces intimidating rodent-like sounds)
  • Real Laser Pointers (need long recharge time)
  • calendar bombs(starts at # 31)

After the duel with Milligan, McCracken lost several teeth, which he replaces with fake ones with sharp edges.

Known Ten MenEdit

  • McCracken
  • Sharpe
  • Crawlings
  • Garotte
  • Mortis
  • Hertz
  • McCraig
  • Bludgins