S.Q. Pedalian, the bumbling, large-footed assistant of Mr. Curtain, is portrayed as a sweetly dumb teenager who confuses his words.

His seeming lack of intelligence stems from Mr. Curtain's continuous use of the Whisperer on him. The purpose of these brainsweepings were to stop him from rediscovering his concience and questioning the sinister machinations behind L.I.V.E. This brainwashing was repeated every time S.Q. began to ask those questions, causing him and Mr. Curtain to repeat the same conversations and lessons, as Kate witnesses through her covert culvert surveillance in the first book. Pedalian's former and unconscious self is hinted at to be belied by his Whisper-induced ignorance.

In the second book of the series, S.Q. is chained up by Mr. Benedict as the Mysterious Benedict Society tries to escape. Mr. Benedict tells S.Q. that "In a better world and time, I would gladly release you." He also says that he believes that he has damaged a good part of S.Q., and hopes that he hasn't utterly destroyed it.

Later in the book, S.Q. is said to scream at Mr. Benedict, saying that Mr. Curtain had been right. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Benedict admits to having hypnotized S.Q.


  • In The Mysterious Benedict Society, Sticky remarks that his initials "must stand for sasquatch" because of his large foot size.
  • His name comes from the word "sesquipedalian" which means "characterized by large words or long-winded, from the Latin word sesquipedalis meaning ‘a foot and a half long,’
  • S.Q. is a messenger at the Institute and was most likely kidnapped at a younger age.