Rothschild's End is the orphanage that Nicholas Benedict transferred to from his old orphanage.

Rooms Edit

Boys' dorm Edit

The boys' dorm is where the boys sleep. John said it was easy to escape by timing the noisy door-latch with Mr. Griese's snoring.

Girls' dorm Edit

The girls' dorm was formerly a ballroom. According to Nicholas' suggestion, the girls will be moved to the schoolhouse and school will be held in the ballroom.

Kitchen Edit

This is where the food is prepared. Mr. Griese works here.

Dining hall Edit

This is where the occupants of the orphanage take their meals.

Basement Edit

According to Mr. Collum, the stuff in the basement were the broken items his predecessor never bothered to repair.

Nicholas started fixing up the stuff in the basement; for example a new kind of butter churn.

Library Edit

This room is full of books, making it Nicholas' favorite room. It also has a dictionary on a stand. There is a very old ladder which needs to be oiled for reaching the higher shelves.

Mr. Collum's office Edit

This is where Mr. Collum works.

Drawing room Edit

This is where art classes are held.

Schoolhouse Edit

Where school is held. According to Nicholas' suggestion it won't be where school is held anymore. Currently the girls' dorm.

Occupants Edit

  • Nicholas Benedict
  • John Cole
  • Gertrude McGillicuddy
  • Vern
  • Buford
  • Moray
  • Iggy
  • Breaker
  • Caroline
  • Bobby

Staff Edit

  • Mr Collum - director
  • Mr. Griese - cook
  • Mr. Furrow - farmer, barber
  • Mr. Pileus - handyman
  • Mrs. Brindle - housekeeper
  • Miss Candace - nurse