Rhonda Kazembe

Rhonda Kazembe

"Rhonda! Is that really you?"

"I hope so. Otherwise someone's played a very clever trick on me." ~ Sticky and Rhonda, "The Mysterious Benedict Society"

Rhonda Kazembe is from Zambia. She was brought to Stonetown when she was a child and is one of the few to pass Mr. Benedict's tests


Rhonda is a kind person who has a pretty good sense of humor; usually using unexpected lines (see above quote). It's reasonable to believe that she is a good cook as well, having made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for the children in the first book. There's no proof that she's the one who cooked, but it's reasonable because Number Two and Mr. Benedict are constantly busy and Milligan is the only guard/gardener/handyman in the house at the beginning. She is assumed to be somewhat motherly and is extremely worried when Number Two and Mr. Benedict (her adopted family) go missing. As in the beginning, she said she was clumsy; after dropping her pencil down a sewer grate before the second test.


Rhonda has an excellent intuition (she knew she was in a maze immediately, for example) and can memorize letters after reading them a few times. This is reminiscent of Sticky's ability, but it is likely that she processes things at a slower rate (which would still be well above average). She has also proven to be an excellent driver in the third book, when she and Number Two defeated a Ten Man by knocking into him with a fake ambulance then chaining him up. She also is very annoying to Sticky, Kate, and Reynie.

History Edit

All that we know of Rhonda's history is that she was born in Zambia, moved to Stonetown when she was a child, and can barely remember her native language (Bembi). In Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrums, Rhonda is seen with Mr. Benedict winning an award at a spelling competition next to Reynie and Miss Perumal. During the series she makes a ridiculous appearance as a green-haired girl with a big poofy dress. She, along with Number Two and Constance, was adopted by Mr. Benedict during the series.