The Mysterious Benedict Society is a 2007 fantasy novel written by Trenton Lee Stewart. I wouldn't give it the fantasy accolade, because nothing is magical about it. The story centers around three children, Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance, who are tested by a boring but wise old man named Mr. Benedict who is trying to stop his brother from wiping children's memories. Terrific.

The story gets extremely boring from beside the plot. The characters are just, well, too typical. Like stereotypes. Reynie is the nice guy, the Ash Ketchum, of the story. All he does is stop fights. Sticky is just a scaredy-cat. Kate is just a less powerful, less exciting version of Superman. Constance is a crappy little brat. She's obviously two to four years old, which just might be this game's genre.

The language and word choice is TERRIBLE! All the characters, even the kids, sound like people from the tenth century. Also, the bullies are just plain dorky and predictable. Now, back to the language. What kind of eleven year old asks if he could TELEPHONE his teacher? What kind of people use FOR instead of CUZ or BECAUSE. There's not even a hint of whatever from the kids. Everyone talks like their a crazy old man or something. However, I have to comment on the plot. It might've been hard to understand, though. Everything else is just...bland.

The illustrations look horribly gross and too overdrawn. Reynie looks like a character from Little Bill! Kate looks like a character from Little Bear! Gee, if I was a poorly drawn character I'd break the fourth wall and comment on it!

So, from the experiences, this book is rated:

Ages: 4-8

NOT fiction

Terrible word choice

Horrible character designs

The characters could use some work

The plot is not exactly bad, but not good either.

I'd rate this book 4/10

Comment on this if you like or dislike it.

To borrow a phrase from a few better books:

"I know about the squirrels, Kyle," said Akimi.