A puzzle book featuring puzzles, character profiles, and other information from Mr. Benedict, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance.  

The Message in the Advertisements Edit

This puzzle is page 4. It requires the reader to find the missing letters from the newspaper on page 3 and put them in the blank space. The answer is "Whisperer".

Dots and Dashes Edit

On page 5, this asks the reader to go to the Helpful Resources to find out which one of the two Morse codes is the real one. The given passage spells out "left wrong" and the answer is the page number of the correct code, "133".

The Maze of Pages Edit

Pages 6-15 and 18 make up this puzzle. 6-15 make the reader follow the middle number in the maze page numbers in the direction of the pointing arrow. They should land at page 15. The answers are "173, 148, 110, 127, 125, 122, 134, and 018".

Too Close to Call Edit

This puzzle consists of page 22-23. Through four rebuses, one must determine which is meant for each member of the Mysterious Benedict Society. The first is "Wetherall" and has a picture of all the seasons, meaning to weather all. The second is "Contraire" and has a con carrying a tray of air. The third is "Washington" and has a bar of soap in a 2,000 lb. bucket. 2,000 pounds is a ton. The fourth is "Muldoon" and has a boy with a mullet thinking about the desert. The desert represents a dune. No one can solve this puzzle, it is all too hard for the human brain.

Geography Test Edit

On page 20-21 and 24-25 is a test reminiscent of Mr. Benedict's first test. Page 20-21 is an excerpt from Exhaustive Encyclopedia of Sleep, Fourth Edition, Volume 2, by Dr. Marlene Sternwahl and Marlowe Kandelshaw. The answers to the test on 24-25 can be found in 20-21. The answers respectively are "Malta", "Newfoundland and Labrador", "Norway and Sweden", "Russian Taiga", and "Belize".