Messengers are the students who undergo sessions in the Whisperer to help complete The Improvement. Only those students who aquire outstanding grades are able to become Messengers.


Messengers are required to wear a certain uniform that distinguishes them from other students. It consists of a white tunic and striped blue pants. They also have a blue sash around their waist. If a Messenger is promoted to an Executive, their appearance is altered by solid blue pants. They are very bossy and rude, or are special recruits, like Jackson and Jillson


Messengers are used by Mr. Curtain to convey messages through the Whisperer (hence the name, Messenger). There can only be about a dozen Messengers at a time, because frequent sessions are required. Too many sessions in the Whisperer can alter the mind of the Messenger, therefore after a while only the most loyal are promoted to be an Executive. Good grades is essential to becoming a Messenger, because the memorization of material is necessary to their sessions in the Whisperer. Reynie and Sticky are promoted to Messengers due to their excellent grades in The Mysterious Benedict Society.