McCraig is a Recruiter who first appears in the first book. He is described by Kate Wetherall as "very big and dangerous-looking, wearing shock-watches". McCraig does not reappear in any of the other books, but it is assumed that he became a Ten Man, as references are made to all of the Recruiters becoming the Ten Men in the second book. McCraig is featured in 7 paragraphs of the first book.

"McCraig ," the Recruiter said to his partner,"do you see something odd in the vent behind there?" McCraig pulled out a flash light. Nothing behind the vent. "Probably a mouse" "A talking mouse?" "Thats not coming from the vent, you idiot. It's the Executives coming the the steps. Got a new one talking the tour tonight, remember".......

"McCraig,"she heard Jackson say to he Recruiter."Everything fine up here? Nothing unusual going on tonight?" "i'm telling you, Jackson,"said S.Q.'s voice, it was probably a mouse." "We got mice, too," said McCraig. "Other than that all's fine."