George "Sticky" Washington is a fictional character from The Mysterious Benedict Society. He has an exceptional memory and won many competitions because of it. His nickname "Sticky" comes from the fact that everything he reads sticks in his head. He is very talented and knows many languages including Dutch and Morse code.


Sticky Washington has light brown skin, is bald, and usually wears spectacles. In the book, it is not specified what he wears exactly, but on the books's covers and illustrations, he is seen wearing a light blue sweater, along with yellow-tinged pants that reach his ankles, and sneakers.









Before the SeriesEdit

Even when he was young, Sticky was a genius due to his memory, and his parents took advantage of this and forced him to enter multiple smart competitions to win them money and fame. Eventually, the pressure got to Sticky and he pretended to run away by hiding in a closet. Many people donated money to Mrs. Washington and Mr. Washington for them to use to find Sticky; however, they did not use the money for the said purpose.

While listening to his parents talking, he heard his father say the words "better off," and came to the conclusion that he was unwanted and ran away from his home for real. To change his appearance, he got rid of his hair by putting hair remover on it.

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