Duskwort is an extremely rare plant. It plays a major part in The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. A legend says that burning a few stalks created enough smoke to put an entire village to sleep. Despite this, it is supposedly a cure for narcolepsy. Both of these uses inspired Ledroptha Curtain to make an extensive search for it


Since Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain are twins, they have the same parents, which also both had narcolepsy. They researched it, but nobody knew what it looked like or where it was found. All they knew was that it was a very fragile plant. Eventually, they found a grove of what they thought to be duskwort, but was a hardier substitute. It could thrive much easier than real duskwort, and was therefore taking over the population of duskwort. The Benedict parents decided to call it "thwart-wort".

In the bookEdit

After the Mysterious Benedict Society find the papers regarding duskwort by the Benedict parents, they deduce that this is what Mr. Curtain has been looking for. After being flown to the island by Milligan, they eventually make their way to Mr. Curtain's base in the mountain. Mr. Benedict eventually tells Mr. Curtain that the walls are covered with duskwort, and that it glows in the dark. However, it is revealed that it was all thwart-wort, and Mr. Curtain had been fooled. As far as they know, there are no living specimens of real duskwort left.