Society MembersEdit

Reynard Muldoon

George "Sticky" Washington

Kate Wetherall|Kate Wetherall ]]

[Constance Contraire|Constance Contraire ]]

[Mr. Benedict|Mr. Benedict ]]

[Rhonda Kazembe|Rhonda Kazembe ]]

[Number Two|Number Two ]]

[Milligan Wetherall|Milligan ]]

Ten Men/ExecutivesEdit

Ledroptha Curtain

[Jackson|Jackson ]]

[Jillson|Jillson ]]

[Martina Crowe|Martina Crowe ]]

[S.Q. Pedalian|S.Q. Pedalian ]]

[McCracken|McCracken ]]

[Sharpe|Sharpe ]]

[Crawlings|Crawlings ]]

The Families/Miscelaneous CharactersEdit

Miss Perumal

The Washingtons|The Washingtons ]]

[Cannonball|Cannonball ]]

[Captain Noland|Captain Noland ]]

[Mr. Bane|Mr. Bane ]]

[Mrs. Plugg|Mrs. Plugg ]]

[Sophie|Sophie ]]

[Mr. Pressius|Mr. Pressius ]]

[Mr. Rutger|Mr. Rutger ]]

[Vic Morgeroff|Vic Morgeroff ]]

[Moocho Brazos|Moocho Brazos ]]


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