• 22dr.pickle


    April 17, 2016 by 22dr.pickle

    This wiki seems to really be a mess. Are there currently any administrators or active users? If so, is it OK if I go about becoming an admin? I can spell decently, and really love this book series. Thanks!

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  • KEAP

    Clue 2

    January 28, 2012 by KEAP


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  • Grammar Defender


    May 9, 2011 by Grammar Defender

    Morning! I'm me (in case you haven't already noticed that), and I am here. I really don't plant to be a huge contributor to this website, but I was looking up some information on the Whisperer (for a story I'm writing) and realized that there were shikingly few peices of information in certain areas. This needed to be remedied at once! So I donned my Sword of Learning and my faithful dictionary-shield and charged into the great melee of writing for the Mysterious Benedict swociety Wiki.

    So you see, I really plan to be doing very little on this site, mainly because I just can't fathom how everyone manages to get the formatting on this site. It maddens me, the formatting does! Alas and alack! Woe betide thee, ye who dare to prowl the hidden t…

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  • Kahlan The Dream Spirit

    On, there's a fandom for The Mysterious Benedict Society. I publish on there, so if you have time click here and read my works under Kahlan the Dream Spirit. Lots of the stuff is bad, but if you go to the community I've archived all of the really good stuff. Check it out. Make a profile. Enter my challenge. Add to the fandom for Mysterious Benedict Society!

    (P.S. Don't write Kaynie [Kate/Reynie]. We have too much of it)

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